beauty & apathy

by karimarkuswww


Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival 2023 | Aftermovie

Camera dances with the audience and captures the lively vibe of the festival in Nuutajärvi.

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The Vantages – Danger | Live Video with BTS

Live performance of the bands huge hit in Helldone Festival 2023 with peeks to the backstage.

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Hilarion Green – Restless | Music video

Shot in one take and low light the camera follows the intensifying performace in shadows.

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The Vantages – Alone | Music video

Shot with a broken leg in one take and low light the camera follows an intensifying scene in the shadows.

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Caws of Death – Iscariot I-16 | Live Video

A tight performance of post-halloween madness in Bar Loose.

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Juhana Poppius – Läpi pimeyden | Music video

With few pictures the music video brings some light into the darkness.

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The Vantages | Making of the Videos

Shot these peeks behind the process of making epic music videos while working as a gaffer.

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Electric Sensation | Aftermovie

A rough video of a flashy eletronic trance music party, while dancing of course.

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As Good As He Bets | Uneton 48 Short Movie

Cinematography catches the elegance of a gentleman in a montageous love story.

Sorry, movie isn’t online.

Faust | Behind the Curtains

Project observes speech and drama students (and teachers) practicing J.W. Goethe’s FAUST in Snellman College. As one of my first projects it ain’t technically on todays level, but I still have some love for it.

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