beauty & apathy

by karimarkuswww

About me?

So yeah, I make videos, apart from many things. That’s what this portfolio is about. I shoot, edit and color grade them, sometimes even write. Ehm.. Oh, I’m from Lahti and live in Helsinki, Finland.

I’ve shot:

  • Music videos
  • Aftermovies
  • Live shows
  • Short movies
  • Theatre
  • Lectures
  • BTS (behind the scenes)

Since I shoot videos I’m obviously a videographer, but don’t feel limited to that. While also experienced in acting, theatre, poetry and music, and used my time on spirituality too, I enjoy art and life in holistic ways. I like dancing in music venues and express myself bodily. That’s why I mainly shoot videos handheld so I really feel being there. I love observing people and could follow a whole day them with a camera. (Don’t worry I don’t do that, unless given that task.)

I do have modern equipment but also some old vintage lenses from time before I was born, that give this soft rounded look while adapted to a modern digital camera sensor that still has 4K resolution and a good dynamic range. It’s the look I often prefer instead of a clinical sharp corporate advertisement look. Even when the work requires a modern zoom lens while shooting run&gun style wide and close, I soften the edges a bit and emulate a filmic look in post. I just feel it’s the best of the both worlds.

Sometimes I do photos too! Could work a portfolio on that.

What a selfie, yeah.